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Interview Process – Step 1: Professional Objective

Here's how to write a Professional Objective for a resume:

Tell them what you are seeking and please also tell your new employer what you plan to do or would like to do for your new team.

In some cases you can be exact while in others your stated objective may be more general in nature. But either way make sure that you say what you seek and even hope to do for the company.

You can also state the name of the position to which you're applying.

You may also wish to consider tailoring your objective to the company by using the name of the company. If you choose this route each time you will have to change your objective. Most people are more general in nature and this should be done on a case by case basis.

Keep it short! But NOT Too Short! We suggest balance! Therefore, every Professional Objective in our Resume Format must be two (2) lines long! And before, "I" forget do not use or avoid first-person pronouns.