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Interview Process – Step 3: Job Experience/Work History

Résumés To Go Résumé Bible™ Hint: Job Experience/Work History

Preview the example that we provided below then simply type/enter your own "Work History" Bullets into the Five (5) Data Fields/Boxes provided then click the Continue Button and you are done. It is a simple as that! The system and our format require that you enter in at least four (4) bullets.

Keep it short! But NOT Too Short! We suggest balance! Therefore, every bullet in our Resume Format must be two (2) lines long! And before, "I" forget do not use or avoid first-person pronouns. Please remember that no matter which method or design OPTION you choose we or YOU can always WORDSMITH or change the wording later!

  • Sr. Business Analyst, International Profit Associates, Houston, Texas, 2009

    • Served as a Management Consultant Analyst and meets with Owner and Officers of companies to improve their business organizational structure and profitability

    • Conducted Survey Analysis to identify the problem areas in the business; analyzed financial records, operation procedures and policies and Sales & Marketing plans

    • Conducted formal presentations/desk-side briefings and interviews for Senior Managers and for staff in order to evaluate over 233 aspects of business operations

    • Improved the client’s net profitability by formulating and guiding the implementation of improved Business, Sales & Marketing and Strategic Plans/Processes

    • Motivated the total client team to “Buy-In” then “Re-engineer” business processes to improve corporate productivity, effectiveness, profitability and viability

    • Made initial contact as the lead company agent with bottom line responsibility for opening up dialogues designed to identify client needs and close the sale